To crack a whip, everything spanking.

To crack a whip….everything spanking…..

By Michael Williamson.

OK, so i am going to admit. I was a little cautious about doing this blog. In fact even though i have put it in my main daily blog in the title actually writing about it is somewhat nerve wracking. fuck it lets go.

So, it has taken me until i am 32 years of age to finally except me, for me. What i mean by this is that i have (And i am sure if you are reading this blog you can relate) always felt or had this irrepressible need to be spanked.

Were do i think that this need is from ?

There is an old age argument that this need comes from having a traumatic childhood. Do i think this the case?

Possibly, if you have followed my social media for any amount of time, you will know that my mum was murdered when i was a child. You will also know that my foster home placement and my adoptive placement was not the best to say the least.

So, let’s talk spanking.

The reality of it is that there is a hell of a lot more to it then people realize.

“But your not a child, why would you want to be spanked”

This phrase pisses me right off…..and its one that i have personally heard before..

Before we go any further, i do want to stress that this comment comes from people that simply do not understand. And in some cases refuse to understand.

For me, hitting children is completely wrong and to raise a hand to child is a very frightening and confusing situation for the child.

In fact it can be very traumatic.

“But i was spanked as a child and it never did me any harm”

Obviously it did, if you think for one moment that it is OK, to strike a child. Because it is not, and there is no argument on the matter, full stop.

I say this through experience. One memory that will always haunt me from my childhood, and one in which i have flash backs of (my mind will replay the scene randomly and it will be like i am there in the room, i will do a blog on ptsd at some point) is when i was living with my biological parents i remember being stood in the corner of the room, ( i must have been 5 years old) and to the left of me a wine bottle flew passed my head and hit the door glass pane in front of me smashing it. I was so scared that i froze and did not move from the corner. I could hear shouting and heavy footsteps coming from behind me, then i felt i thick set hand grab my arm. I am 99 percent certain that it was my dad, my biological dad and i am 99 percent certain that he gave me hiding. But my mind blanked it out completely. I remember being grabbed and then its black, blankness.

A lot of my past is like this, i remember my brother and my sister being spanked, but then blank. If you were an 80’s child, spanking was part of your life. That is maybe why i am how i am i don’t know!?


Any how, now we have clarified that spanking is for consenting adults only, whom trust each other, let’s talk honestly about relationships.

If you feel like i feel, and like many other people like me feel, then it is absolutely imperative that if you are looking at getting into a romantic relationship with whoever you decide to love, No matter how hard it may be you must be from the beginning totally honest and clear about your needs and how you feel. If you don’t, it will, i repeat it will, if the other person refuses to understand your needs it will create problems in your relationship because this is something that is practically impossible (from my experience) to get rid of or suppress that need.

So, honesty is a must here, and trust me, trying to tell the person you love the most in the world that you want them to spank you. Is normally very hard, and can be embarrassing.

So, honesty from the beginning is a must.

So, if you are hidden away in the bathroom, under your covers, in your car or were ever your safety bubble may be, scrolling through people on x-hamster or porn hub being spanked and whipped and trailing through blogs (like this one) about spanking and punishments.

Before then going to work the next day full of guilt and shame and worrying about what your work colleagues friends or family may think of your disgusting behavior!

I advise that you realize that what you are feeling and what you are experiencing is totally normal and that there are many people out in the world like us. And there is totally no shame in it. No shame at all. Just like there is no shame in liking sex, there is no shame in needing to be spanked.

And advise for people who have relationships with people who refuse to understand or accept this need. You have to realize something. If you have been open and honest with your partner and they are totally against it. Respect that, but…

You live only once. You can stay in a non spanking relationship for the rest of your life. Suppressing yourself and getting agitated with the world.

Or you can find a new relationship, or find yourself a “Spanking theropyst” they exist!

Time to crack the whip!

Psst, if you are new to this game, don’t just go buying this and swinging this around blindly, you are going to really hurt somebody. This is one that i own, always use open communication and be careful. Maybe wait till the blog is finished?

Up to you but use with caution! This is for harsher spankings!


There are many reason’s that people feel the need to be spanked.

For me personally, it is about letting go, when you are spanked it does 2 things.

It inflicts pain “Of course” But it also releases endorphins, the endorphins which are released are pleasure endorphins which flood the brain.

Quick google search to at least make it sound like i know what i am talking about. …

Dopamine, adrenaline, oxytocin andendorphins are released, transmuting the impact into a pleasurable experience,” she explains—adding that even the sound of it can be arousing for some people”

And that above statement I have to agree with.

I am going to update this blog later this week but one thing i will leave you with here.

Open communication, honesty, and consent at all times are a must.

Safe, sane and consensual. If any activity that you engage in ends in one of them things being violated, you must stop immediately and reevaluate your situation.

Update 02/07/2020

Things that will be covered.

1/ Spanking because, you want to, Normally in the bedroom.

Boom, I am back to updating this blog, late, but nether the less i am here.

So this one is pretty simple, some people get aroused by being spanked, for some people it is simply a form of foreplay.

And that is cool in itself, a quick trip over the knee, or a spanking because you have been “Naughty” followed by some love making in the sack…..this type of spanking is normally spontaneous, and fun… and normally the implement used to do the spanking is a hand… however some people, do prefer something a little more stingy. But not to stingy… like this fun leather paddle….

Again I must stress, even with fun and spontaneous spanking. Open communication at all times is the key, if not it could end with tears, and in fun spankings, this is not the end game!

2/ spanking for discipline.

So, these next 3, discipline, punishment and Maintenance all fall under the same/similar category.

A discipline spanking in my opinion is (All of these are consensual by consenting adults only and the terms and conditions must be agreed up before any spanking or form of discipline takes place!) is a type of spanking that is designed to realign you with yourself and your responsibility’s.

So an example of this would be, you want to get up at five o’clock in the morning to start running and to get your fitness levels up. You start off really well on Monday and Tuesday but on Wednesday you cannot be bothered to get up because you do not feel like it. Then on Thursday you do the same, and before you know it you have gone a full month without running and your fitness levels are back to being shocking.

A Discipline spanking agreement would nip this in the bud before you get to that stage.

So you do not get up on Wednesday as you should and go for your run.

The question as to why you didn’t do Wednesdays run would be asked on Wednesday night and if there is not a valid reason then the agreed consequence for this would be implemented.

A discipline spanking is meant to be enough of a reminder to make sure that you get up the next morning and the following morning’s without hesitation because you do not want to receive the consequence.

There fore there would be no sex involved when you have received a discipline spanking and it would normally be with reasonable force that the spanking would be received. For example 15 hard swots with a wooden paddle, spoon, thick soled slipper or leather belt.

The idea is that you succeed in life! Using a sore bottom as the motivation!

And if you do decide that discipline spanking would suit you or your relationship……here is some awesome implements to try out! (Open Communication and caution, you must never spank when angry).

(psst, if your looking for a quieter spanking tool that causes a good amount of pain. You will be very surprised at how much the wooden spoon stings!)

So, if you want to get motivated, and spanking is your thing, get communicating, and get keeping to your goals!

3/ spanking for punishment. The above whip!.

This one is a big one,

And one were there MUST, i repeat, MUST be open communication on both sides of the whip. At all all times!

To spank someone for punishment is ultimately to make them pay for something that they should not have done but did anyway. Or to make then individual pay for something that they should have done. Or in some cases the person may asked to be spanked for punishment to clear any feelings of guilt that the have inside them about something that they did in the past and have yet to be penalized for.

This one is sooo, important that the people who are involved are all on the same page and understand what is expected.

The idea of a punishment spanking is to hurt a lot.

Normally a set number of swots on the bear skin would be what i personally would see as a punishment spanking.

But, I strongly advise that there is a safe word in place that you have both agreed upon before hand that the person whom is being spanked can use to stop the punishment if it gets to much for them.

Following the use of the safe word whatever it may be the people involved must stop all activity immediately and revisit the situation. Deciding ultimately (by the person being punished) whether to continue with the penalty or to stop.

Sometimes the idea of a punishment spanking is to reach tears and slightly beyond as this acts as a cathartic release in which can allow someone to fully let go emotionally and can dissolve any feelings of guilt in its entirety. This again is something that MUST be openly discussed before hand, during and after.

Some people like to keep a punishment book to record any punitive spankings that have been given.

If that is you, check this out!

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